Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Arrived - Nike, Ecko, Adidas, Rockport, Spanx and many more

these 3 boxes arrived this morning.

Rockport Shoe, Swimwear, Adidas Shorts, Nike Sandal, Stafford Shirts - Farah (return customer)

U R All I Need T-shirt - Niena (return customer)

Ecko T-Shirts, Hoodie and Earbud Travel Case - Jegan (return customer)

Belkin Folio Kickstand Case - Juleshbl

Nike Kids Shoes - Kak Sue (return customer)

Denon AHD 2000 - Chin TK

Spanx Batch #2 - Ruby, Shay, Tanty, Nik, MickeyGirl, Mahrizah, CY and Shud

Klipsch In-Ear Headphone - Weng YS

thanks to those who've ordered. :)