Monday, August 9, 2010

Mission Accomplished!

The past week I've been squeezing my time to slot in few last minute orders especially to mommies-to-be that I just can't say no to. Still I had to decline few orders especially for Saturday and Sunday since my schedule was very tight. Sorry for that. And I am really sorry too for having to turn down few orders during Ramadhan. Like I once said, there will be no baking during Ramadhan.

whoopie pie kid's version - with choc mousse filling made for MN and Inarshad :)

Thanks to Fatin, Shila, MN, Syaz, Haznidza, Izawati, Wan Adiha, Hasimah (3 boxes), Ajlea (2 boxes), Shahnaz, Fairuz, CY, Izan, Roslina, Esperanza, Verde, Sufee (2 boxes), Kak Inni, Rine (2 boxes), MJ, Syau, Gurl (2 boxes), Inarshad (2 boxes) and Fei for your orders.

Thank you to those who've written about the whoopie pies here, here, here. Thank you also for sending me your positive feedbacks via sms, twitter and emails. One customer even called me few hours after he picked up the whoopie pies just to tell me that his family loved them! Thank you so much! :)

To those who wanted to place your orders after raya, just wait for my announcement in this blog!

So see you after raya! :)